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Our Approach

Keep it simple sweety! Understanding how we spend is at the core of what we value. If we're spending on things that we don't really value, we want to know right away and make adjustments. At Healthy Wealth Club, we focus our energy at the source: budgeting, savings tips and tricks and having our money and information organized. Once this is established, we will have open an lively discussions, speakers and experts discussing residual income. Ultimately we want money to work for us!

My Story

Nobody ever sat me down to say, “This is how money or health works.” That was a nice shield to hide behind for a while, but ultimately I realized after being in and out of debt and going up and down in weight since I was 18, that if I’m not getting the results I want, I will need to take full responsibility. Not just for the money in the bank, in the savings account and what was happening for me on a day to day basis but also how I look and feel. I finally sat myself down, opened up an excel document and started tracking EVERYTHING I was spending money on and what I was putting into my body. This helped me make some smarter decisions, but it didn’t necessarily totally change my behavior. It’s been a journey and I’m determined to make money work for me and feel good in my body. There are a few tips, tricks and strategies that are helping and these will be shared on this platform. I know there is room for more growth and I invite you to join me and share the success, celebrate and empower more people to live well!

Next Steps...

Become a member of Healthy Wealth Club. We are currently asking for a $100 annual membership fee with the idea that through working with us that you will be able to save or earn $100 within the first 3 months of joining our club! We want to meet you where you are, so if this seems too much, then let's talk with a sliding scales in mind.