Start tracking what you spend on what, understand how this relates to your values and make sure these two things are in alignment. We are here to help you and recommend Mint.com or a simple excel document. Need help? We have staff that can walk you through it or set it up and work with you to show you how to manage everything.

Money Organization

What happens if you are gone tomorrow? Do you have all your accounts, contacts and information in a safe, yet accessible place? We can help! Having this information organized and gathered will allow you to know your net worth and options in case of an emergency. We have options for privacy and security levels for your convenience.

Now And The Future

Making a plan, understanding how to prioritize your money and getting on track is critical these days when there is so much competition for your dollar. We want to help you keep as much as possible and manage it in a way that you know you'll have enough no matter what happens in life. Having a second pair of eyes can be a good thing.

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Do you like residual income?

So do we! We'll be discussing the subject of residual income alongside of budgeting, getting your money organized and having a plan for retirement. Our ultimate vision includes having our members have enough residual income built up so that their basic budget needs are covered and they can focus on their passions and purpose of being here on earth.


Coming soon. Whether you want to do it all yourself or have your hand held, we are currently conducting market research to know and understand you, where you are at with money, where and how you want to be. We're building our team for budgeting, organizing and planning.


Next Steps...

Become a member of Healthy Wealth Club. We are currently asking for a $100 annual membership fee with the idea that through working with us that you will be able to save or earn $100 within the first 3 months of joining our club! We want to meet you where you are, so if this seems too much, then let's talk with a sliding scales in mind.